The Estate

Welcome to the Quadrifoglio Alpaca farm located on the side of the lower Monferrato hills, a UNESCO world heritage site, in the municipality of Quargnento (ancient Quadrigentum) in the province of Alessandria.

The family-run company offers guests not only the opportunity to get away from the hectic daily life and relax in nature but also to get to know and discover our beautiful animals, get closer to the agricultural world with the cultivation of the hazelnut tree (plant ” Tonda Gentile Trilobata “) and admire the local flora and fauna by walking in an uncontaminated 3 hectare forest enriched by a small lake.



Two sisters (Alessandra and Paola), two families and a common passion for the countryside and the animals transmitted to them by their parents (today grandparents of 5 wonderful grandchildren) led them to this peaceful place, surrounded by greenery but not far from the city




The estate covers 23 hectares of land, partly flat and partly hilly with an agricultural vocation, which embrace the residential and rural buildings located in the center of the farm like an amphitheater.

The traditional grape cultivation, still widely expressed throughout the area with the production of fine wines (Barbera, Dolcetto and Grignolino), has been replaced by the cereal and fruit (hazel) one, reserving a part of the land for the Alpaca breeding (Vicugna Pacos).