The breeding

The breeding, directed by the biologist Dr. Alessandra Ivaldi with the active collaboration of her family members, has the purpose to select Alpacas of high genealogy and quality in order to achieve an increasingly valuable fiber production for a textile market competitive and demanding as well as the sale of the garments themselves.

All our Alpacas are characterized by a valuable fiber in all its aspects: micronage, density, shine, length and uniformity. Also noteworthy are their morphology which is well proportioned. They are the result of a careful selection made using high quality stallions, winners of important awards at European level.

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We produce skeins with 100% alpaca fiber in their natural colours black, brown, beige and white, and single or double bed duvets with 100% alpaca fiber padding and 100% cotton fabric.

Our products are truly exceptional made with procedures that respect the environment and animals.


At the Quadrifoglio Alpaca you can access to some of the best genetics on the European scene; just to name a few:

  • Lillyfield Jack of Spades of Inca;
  • ATA Cambridge Centurion;
  • Popham Thunder (figlio di Stresleckie of Cambridge);
  • Eringa Park Royalist;
  • EP Cambridge Daredevil;

All our stud male alpacas are accompanied by prestigious pedigree, fiber examination and checked by our veterinarians.

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